The 2PM company is a team of specialists dealing with the broadly understood management in the real estate sector. One of our activities is professional drone services. Photos and videos taken from the bird’s eye view are a great way to monitor the project, especially the progress of works. Thanks to unmanned devices, it is possible to make detailed photographic documentation of hard-to-reach places, e.g. roofs, chimneys, or bridge structures. We often use the photos and videos obtained in this way as part of the due diligence study. We also use drones, as part of investor’s supervision, to visualize vast spaces, e.g. road investments, logistic projects, or construction plots.

When is it worth to use drone services?

In general, we can say that drones are useful in comprehensive service at every stage of a construction investment. The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) significantly reduces the time and effort needed to make an inventory of large areas. In addition, the cost of obtaining data is lower than the cost of involving an entire engineering team. Drone services are a proven way for:

  • inventory of various types of objects, e.g. bridges or facades of skyscrapers,
  • obtaining information necessary for the valuation of investment projects,
  • a comprehensive technical audit of a building, e.g. checking the condition of structures in buildings exposed to a construction disaster risk,
  • preparation of documentation supporting the investment management.

Who do we provide drone services for?

Our drone services are aimed mainly at companies related to the construction industry. 2PM’s clients are:

  • developers,
  • design offices,
  • architects,
  • marketing agencies,
  • administrators of housing associations and cooperatives,
  • regional and local administrative units,
  • owners of land and buildings.

The information collected in the form of high-resolution photos and videos ensure high detail data regarding:

  • technical condition of the structure, scaffolding, facades, roofing, etc.
  • uwarunkowaniach terenowych,
  • progress of construction or demolition works.

We offer investment monitor in using UAV in Warsaw and the surrounding area. We guarantee a quick execution time and excellent quality of photographic materials

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